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The puttanesca pasta sauce is a bold and flavorful sauce that tantalizes the taste buds with its rich, tangy, and briny notes. The combination of sweet tomatoes, briny olives, sharp capers, and aromatic herbs creates a sauce that is both complex and well-balanced. Whether tossed with spaghetti, penne, or linguine, this puttanesca sauce is sure to add a burst of Mediterranean sunshine to your pasta dishes, delighting your senses and transporting you to the sun-drenched coasts of Italy with each bite.

Caravella Puttanesca pasta sauce 560 gr

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    • Rich and Tangy Tomato Base: Caravella Puttanesca pasta sauce is anchored by a robust tomato base, offering a rich, sweet, and slightly tangy flavor. The tomatoes provide a hearty foundation that binds together the other ingredients, creating a cohesive and satisfying sauce.

    • Briny and Salty Notes from Olives: The addition of ripe, briny olives adds a salty complexity to the sauce. The olives' unique flavor profile—both salty and slightly bitter—contributes depth and character, elevating the overall taste profile and providing a distinctive Mediterranean flair.

    • Sharp and Piquant Capers: Capers are small, green buds that pack a punch. Their sharp, tangy, and slightly peppery flavor adds a zesty kick to the sauce, cutting through the richness of the tomatoes and olives and providing a burst of flavor in each bite.

    • Garlic and Herbaceous Undertones: The sauce often incorporates garlic, which adds a pungent and aromatic depth, and herbs such as parsley or basil, which contribute fresh, herbaceous notes. These ingredients complement the briny and tangy flavors of the olives and capers, creating a harmonious and well-balanced sauce.

    • Subtle Heat from Red Pepper Flakes: Some variations of puttanesca sauce include red pepper flakes or chili peppers, adding a subtle heat that lingers pleasantly on the palate, enhancing the overall complexity and adding a touch of excitement to the sauce.

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